When will I receive the Amazon gift card?

Please allow our staff 3-4 days to process your study submissions. The gift card code should be sent to the email you provided when you signed up for PANDA.

What do I do if I don’t receive the Amazon gift card?

If 4 days have passed and you haven’t received an email with the gift card code, it is possible that your video didn’t come through to us. Please contact our team via email at discoveriesinaction@gmail.com. We will do our best to make sure you get compensated for your participation in a timely manner!

What do I do if the game won’t load properly?

Please check your internet connection, and close all other tabs on your computer. If the game still won’t load, please contact the PANDA team at discoveriesinaction@gmail.com along with your family name and the name of the study.

What if I decide I don’t want my child to participate?

You can stop the session any point. All our studies are voluntary, and you don’t have to continue if you or your child don’t feel comfortable.

What if I don’t feel comfortable with being video recorded? Can I still participate?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to participate without the video recording at this time. If you prefer not to be video taped, please exit the site at any time, and none of your video data will be saved.

Who will see/have access to my data?

Please refer to PANDA’s privacy policy page to get more information.

Is this research approved by the university?

Yes, all of the studies have approval from the NYU IRB (Institutional Review Board). For more information about NYU’s rigorous process, click here.

Where can I find some of your published research?

You can read about our lab’s publications on our website at kidconcepts.org/publications.

I don’t let my kids use the computer. Can we still participate?

Unfortunately, PANDA requires your child to interact with a computer to play our games and for you to earn the reward. We do encourage parents and/or legal guardians to supervise their child while they play the game, so you have the option to stop your child’s game if you are ever uncomfortable.

I completed a study with my child, but I have some questions about it. Who can I ask?

Our PANDA research staff are always happy to help. Please email us at discoveriesinaction@gmail.com along with the name of the study. We are more than happy to provide you with more information about the science we are doing.

Why don’t any studies show up for my child to participate in?

If there are no studies showing up for your child, it may be the case that

  • Your child has completed all the studies we currently have available.
  • There may be some studies you haven’t done but that your child is not eligible for (e.g., if they are out of the age-range).
Please check back often, as we post new studies frequently! If you have questions about when a new study will be available for you, please contact us at discoveriesinaction@gmail.com.